As part of a requirement from a client, we need to call Amazon Lex chatbot via REST API call. Using the consume API component we are trying to achieve the same. However we are facing problems with the API call due to the AWS authentication. We have sample code snippets in python with which we are able to successfully generate the signatures and authentication header and connect the chatbot from command line. However, we are unable to get the authorization part implemented through Outsystems to be used during the API call. Has anyone faced the same issue? Are there any components available readily in Forge which we can use for authentication? Any help regarding the matter will be highly appreciated.

Note: We are not permitted to use AWS Lambda functions.

Stacey Levine wrote:

There a number of Amazon components in the forge that show different authentication methods. Have you looked there?


Thanks Stacey Levine.

I had already checked in Forge. The one component that came closest to my requirements was the unitAWSSigner. However,the signing mechanism is not working with this component. I have asked for Visual Studio to be installed so that I can check the source code, but meanwhile was wondering if someone has actually done an integration with Lex using Outsystems. The authentication mechanism in Lex seems to be slightly different from all other AWS services and components and also, it is really hard to find good examples OR documentation for the same (unlike Alexa which is much more popular). Hence wanted to check with the community if anyone has worked with Lex and in that case if someone can provide an example of how he/she has done the authentication part in Outsystems.

Hi Abhishek,

I haven't seen anything specific to Amazon Lex, I also haven't tried it myself. If you want, try to create a sample and post it and where you are stuck. That would be the best way to get specific help.

is there any other way around if we want to connect the lex chat bot with outsystem .We are thinking that trough Rest API we can connect but the problem is how can we generate the run time aws signature in outsystem. If any one can help then much appreciated 

Probably you can try API key in header, and connect with the AWS REST API.