upgrade version 10 to 11

Hello. After update platform version 10 to 11, i can't create new apps. All aplications works, but i can't create new. Here is the error of service center:



Time of Log: 

26/04/2019 09:17:16

Request Key:  2ac52fa1-6355-4b8f-9962-8ee42ad2fcb0






Session Id: 

No session




SOAP (Expose)


HTTPS connection required for this web service

Environment Information  eSpaceVer: 0 (Id=1, PubId=0, CompiledWith=

RequestUrl: https://dev-lowcode.corporativo/ServiceCenter/Solutions.asmx (Method: POST)

AppDomain: /LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT/ServiceCenter-3-132006020771311912

FilePath: D:\P_11295_Lowcode\OutSystems\Platform Server\running\ServiceCenter.01625796354\


Locale: en-US

DateFormat: dd/MM/yyyy

PID: 6892 ('w3wp', Started='24/04/2019 17:26:42', Priv=910Mb, Virt=2116353Mb)

TID: 38

Thread Name:

.NET: 4.0.30319.42000


HTTPS connection required for this web service

   at ssServiceCenter.WebServices.Solutions.TestLogin(String inWSusername, String inWSpassword, String& outWSstatus)


Are you accessing service center via https or http?
Are you trying to consume a webservice or are you getting this error from within your service studio?

Hello Joey. The acess of service center is with HTTPS, and the error is in service studio when try to create a new aplication.

Hi João,

Which version of Service Studio are you using?
Also, the user that you are using has the Create & Deploy permission (user default role) on Lifetime (assuming you are using Life) for creating applications?


Hi Eduardo. We test in version 11.0.503.0 and the user is with correct permissions in lifetime.


This is happening with this user only or any user with the right permissions?
The SSL certificate is correctly installed?

I'm asking those questions to try to understand, but at this point I recommend you to open a support ticket.

I'll try to see if I can get someone that already had this problem, or can make some sense of the message.

P.S. This seems to me that something was misconfigured during the upgrade, but I can't tell you what.

The certificate is ok and the problem is with all users. I thought that too but I checked the checklist and there was nothing missing. Only if we did something wrong.

Does the network where you are trying to create the new applications have something different?
Are you behind a firewall, internal network, etc?

it's a internal network, but the rules are ok. All ports open.

Just in case:  Your SOAP URL is shown as  https://dev-lowcode.corporativo/ServiceCenter/Solutions.asmx

Is that correct or should it be "corporation"?

Hi Lester. "corporativo" is correct.


Stacey remembered to ask if you upgrade everything (including Lifetime).

Also, this could be related to something in your network, as the Service Center is expecting the request as an HTTPS, but is receiving it as HTTP, and I don't think SS would have this problem...

Could be some proxy or something that is routing the request and removing the HTTPS?

All enviroments are updated, the lifetime was the first. I can verify the proxy but in a test enviroment, after the upgrade i have the same problem and  i have a certificate and don't have firewall or proxy.