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Regarding Privacy screen Plugin i add the plugin and its working fine,when i start to do custom splash screen for that add the zip file in resources and i added one sample image in Images folder:




    "resources" : "SampleSplashPoc.zip",
        "icons": {
        "android": [{
            "resource": "SampleSplashPoc.zip/SampleSplashPoc/drawable/idpi/menu.png",
            "density": "ldpi"
            "resource": "SampleSplashPoc.zip/SampleSplashPoc/drawable/mdpi/menu.png",
            "density": "mdpi"
            "resource": "SampleSplashPoc.zip/SampleSplashPoc/drawable/hdpi/menu.png",
            "density": "hdpi"
            "resource": "SampleSplashPoc.zip/SampleSplashPoc/drawable/xhdpi/menu.png",
            "density": "xhdpi"
            "resource": "SampleSplashPoc.zip/SampleSplashPoc/drawable/xxhdpi/menu.png",
            "density": "xxhdpi"
            "resource": "SampleSplashPoc.zip/SampleSplashPoc/drawable/xxxhdpi/menu.png",
            "density": "xxxhdpi"

4:And i generated Apk for andriod: i got the below error:

Please give the guidance to achieve the" Privacy screen with custom splash screen".This will help to complete the work as early as possible.

Hello André,

 I followed the steps on the links you posted. The plugin is working, but I still keep getting the black screen, instead of the splash screen. This happens on android.

Can you help me?

Here is the oml file as well.

Thank you!


Hi João!

Try to remove the PrivacyPlugin to see if the splash screen is correctly configured. Make sure you follow the instructions in the documentation for the platform version you have and the MABS version you are using - the previous link was for OutSystems 10!

If the splash screen is working then you've narrowed down the problem to the PrivacyPlugin which is good because you know the problem is in the PrivacyPlugin but also not that good because you'll need to figure out why it doesn't work for your Android (maybe related with a specific version, etc.) :( 

Just to set expectations I'm not sure I'll be able to help you debug the problem...

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