I have a webscreen which contains a listrecords widget. Each item in this list record is a webblock that display some amount of data. While the functionality of the list records works great just like I need it, my problem is actually within Service Studio.

Service studio attempts to "preview" the list record items and ends up showing a few hundred samples making my service studio come to a crawl everytime I'm working with this screen. 

Is there a way to limit what the list records widget "previews" and how many rows it "previews" within service studio itself? I do not want to affect how many records the widget will display during runtime.

I am working with Outsystems UI on Platform version 11.

Thank you!

You could try adding:

 -servicestudio-display: none;

To the style of your list records. Or perhaps create some css rules to only display the first in servicestudio. You can create service studio specific styles if you prepend your css rules with -servicestudio-


Hi. You have this toggle option in the ListRecords widget that allows to enable / disable the preview of that widgets. 

Another option is to right click in the widget and in the available options, you'll have Display Mode >  where you can pick Collapse to disable the preview



Thank you Gabriel! That did it!