How to NOT log some exceptions


After following the courses on Processes and implementing some processes in my application, I find myself using a lot of OnClose actions on Wait activities.

In these Wait Activity close actions, I am making some checks and often aborting the activity's closing of the activity. Which keeps the Wait Activity running until it's triggered again.

To do this, I am raising an Abort Activity Exception - however, this adds a row in the OS logs. It is possible to prevent these types of exceptions from being logged? 

Thank you,


Hi DavidA

You just have to catch the exeption and set log error to NO



Hi DavidA,

i miss read your question, the pattern above would close the activity and thats not the goal. 

you could try to implement a pattern similar to this:



Hi David,

I don't know if this is specific for OutSystems 11, but I did some testing and it seems that exceptions of type Abort Activity Change in OnClose callbacks do not generate error logs in Service Center.

However, after changing it to a custom User Exception, it promptly generates error logs as usual.

Could you confirm that the errors you are seeing are really being triggered by Abort Activity Change exceptions?

Thank you.