What is User provider Module and its opctions?

Hello, I could not find  the definitions about this and i could not find nothing in outsystems 11

can help me about the definition and usabilities about:

User provider Module:



-Current eSpace


Hi Luis,

By definition, the User Provider Module specifies a source for the user records to be used by this module.

This attribute is especially important to enable single sign-on capabilities within all the modules that share the same user provider. By default, all created applications have single sign-on capabilities because their User Provider module is set to the Users module.

If you set the User Provider Module to be Service Center, the module will be in the same "session domain" of Lifetime, Service Center and Service Studio, so if you need to login to access some screens you need to use IT Users credentials.

You only should set the User Provider Module as (Current eSpace), if the module is a User Provide module, providing the end-users and sessions to other modules.

Please let us know if this answers your question.

Best Regards,
Luis Figueiredo