Screen design/creation to display JSON data &/or Compound Data Types

Hi Outsystems Community,

Is there an easy way to create screens from complex JSON or Outsystems Structures? It bothers me that when dealing with either raw JSON or structures that there is no easy way to create a screen which displays all the data contained within in a nice simple format. For example, dragging a structure onto most widgets forms/tablerecords requires a huge amount of work to make it look nice, hide fields with no values and or include lists as sub table records etc.... in most cases a simple expression showing raw JSON is preferable to anything that is quickly created by Outsystems. The auto mapping of JSON to structures is nice but I often find myself fighting against structures esp if its just to display data. Is it just me or am I missing something? do others have a better, more "highly productive" approach to create table record/form type data views JSON data?

Keen to hear your thoughts, thanks,

Barney :-) 

Hi Barnaby,

I do not think that what you ask for is available in OutSystems. Must say I do not have ever thought this as something missing as we trend to base screen content mostly based on entities. Then again I can see value in what you propose. You could post an idea on the Ideas page. 



Thanks for the reply Daniel - good to hear it's not just me - I'll post as an idea thanks :-)