Tabs Widget in Studio to display only one of the tabs


This might not have a solid answer, but I'm just trying to see if there is a way of hiding all but one of the content sections displayed in the Tab Widget, which I'm using as a side navigation panel for a lookup configuration section, but the screen gets pretty full with over 10 tabs.

Thanks for any assistance

Hi Rudi, 

I don't think so. 

Not directly in the widget, at least... 


Hi Rudi,

Your question seems to change the core behaviour of a Widget :)

Perhaps I would say to go with a custom container design approach & control it accordingly with flags by providing respective style-classes.

Note: Would be much easy for folks here to guide to on a right approach if you:

          - Specify the question belongs to Mobile/Web

         - Expected UI with attached screenshot

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Hi Rudi,

If you really want to achieve what you wanted I have a solution but that is basically a work around solution(not recommended).

Have an If control as a wrapper box under tabs 

and you can basically select "Show false branch only" to hide the content under that If control.

Thanks for all the replies... Not really going to go with the "IF" approach, just thought maybe there's something similar to the "IF" control but for the tab you want to see. It's not the end of the world though, just a maintenance nightmare when you reach a signficant number of tabs, unless there is another way of only loading the content div based on a left hand side navigation bar other than using tabs.

Hi Rudi,

Not really. Any other widget would require from you to implement the control (List Navigation, Section Index, etc).

But you could enter an idea in the Ideas section for this. I think having the ability to show ONE or ALL (at least) would be nice :)


Hello Rudi

That could be a very interesting idea suggestions. I will support it.

Best Regards 


Just to answer my own question ultimately, the controls by design looks like it will always show everything... following better architecture, all the "pages" will be web blocks in any case, which eases the problem. I'm using an accordion widget with any number of items I want and a param that keeps track of the visible page to load which then just loads the correct web block.