In a very first atempt to try to consume a simple soap webservice that receives a string a returns another one, i'm a little confused as how to receive de output parameter.
It was correctly indentified as LogEntrieResult, but... i can i retrieve it?

The input works ok (the server recieve the data).


Ricardo Nogueira.


In the screen shot you provided, are you calling the web service in Action1? Can you show the flow of that client action? 

The short explanation is that where you call the LogEntrie web service, you can access the output variable after that call in the flow using LogEntrie.LogEntrieResult.


Hi Andrew,

Thank you for the fast reply.

The action1 is like this (and after you response, i've made same changes with your indications):

So, how can i pass de OutVar to a local variable(!) in the interface?

(i'm very new to outsystems)


I got it!

Somehow, i put the action1 inside the (buttonOnClick) main action, so the assigning was not working correctly.

But now is ok.

Probably not in the ideal way, but it is a good "proof of concept" for our tests.

Thanks again!

Ricardo Nogueira.

Glad you got it working.

The thing to keep in mind is that context flows from top to bottom in an Action flow, and if you call another action (whether that's a Server Action, another Client Action, etc.), any Output Parameters returned by what you called are available to anything lower in the action flow from the point where you called it.

If you use the Expression Editor, and view the Scope panel on the lower left side, it will show you everything that is currently in scope for the property or value you are trying to set.

Hi Ricardo,

Some comments:

  1. If you are creating your own Web Services, use REST instead of SOAP wherever you can. It's faster and more flexible. Use SOAP only for legacy applications.
  2. If you are "very new to OutSystems" be sure to at least having followed the "Web Developer" guided path, so you're down with the basics. Not knowing how to properly assign variables is probably a sign you haven't studied enough...

Hi kilian,

Yes, soap services are only for legacy porpuses, and it suit the test we want to make.

And yes, there was very litle study, and only one or two vídeos and tutorials watched.

But this first goal was very simple, and time was short, so… we cheat. :)

As for assignig variables, i think the problem  was more with the scope, because i've encapsulated actions by mistake. 

But thanks again for all the help!

Thanks for the feedback. Hopefully you'll have some time to catch up with the training material :). If any of Andrew's answers above helped you (it seems it did), please mark it as Solution, thanks!