LightBox Image - Zoom an image in Mobile, inside a Popup

Hi everyone,

I have a main Image on my screen (that is stored in a Local storage table) for a specific product, but when ONLINE, the User has the possibility to click on the image and a popup screen appears where several images for that specific product are loaded in a Carousel (using an External URL). The problem I encountered is that when using LightBox inside a popup, you can zoom-in the picture but you cannot drag the image to the left and to the right (to see it more in detail) => if you want to check another part of the picture you have to zoom-out and then zoom-in that specific part.

Has anyone else encountered this? And if yes, can you please advice?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there,

Guessing that this is a mobile application. What version of the platform are you using? What UI framework? Can you upload a sample demonstrating the issue?



Hi Stacey,

Thanks for the quick reply :).

The app is for Tablet (more specific, the device is an iPad).

I have just made a small sample in my personal environment for a Mobile app with 3 situations:

- LightBox with Image directly in the screen

- Open Image in Popup (link) => this opens a popup where the LightBox with Image are directly on the popup itself

- Open Image in Block Popup (actually this is the situation I have with my project) => inside a popup I have a Block that has the LightBox with Image included. Why do I use a Block in between? Because the same block I am using in different places and I need different styles for the image (and the Style I am sending within the Block as input Parameter.) I repeat that the device is an iPad Tablet. How it reacts: click on the image => image opens in full screen on the IPad, I can Zoom in with double clicking on the image BUT I can NOT drag and drop with my finger when it is in Zoom in mode, I have to Zoom out and Zoom in again if I want to see details of the picture on another corner.

In  my small sampe I made these 3 options because I thought in different situations that might cause the bug

=> Lightbox Image not working within a popup


=> LightBox Image inside a Block within a popup not working

And now the funny thing is that using OutSystems Now, I have tested this smal app on an Android mobile phone and on an iPhone mobile and it works fine on both devices. Then I am even more confused: does it make any difference that it`s a Tablet app (or maybe that the device is an iPad)?

I am using Outsystems 11, attached I am sending also the About info.

Hi Raluca,

I have exactly the same issue. Mobile app, lightbox within a caroussel, within a popup, image fetched from url. About 1 in 20 times the lightbox works as it should, the other 19 times zoom works but after that I cannot move around in the lightbox image. It’s doing my head in. First I thought it was related to the use of webblocks but after stripping away all those and putting everything on the page the result stays the same. Testing on an iPhone X.