Control focus on web application

I have a web page that contains some user input forms at the top of the page.   The user provides the requested information and then data is returned.   However the focus remains on the "Search" button. I'd like to set the page focus to the container that contains the data response when the screen action that retrieves and processes the data is finished.

I tried setting the container onblur with SearchButton.Id + ".focus();" but that had no effect.   Any ideas?

There is a rich widget called Input_SetFocus,   That might do the trick.


The focus event is usually used for an input field rather than a button.  You may be able to use a hidden input located on the screen to redirect the user.  An alternate would be to use an anchor link on the page and take the user back to that location on the screen.  


I ended up using the A name="name" with the runJavascript server action.   Worked well.