[RestrictChars] Feature request: restrict numbers to Integers or Decimals
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Forge component by João Melo

Would it be possible to restrict numbers to either Integer or Decimal please?

I need this ability on Outsystems 10.

Apologies, maybe I am missing something?  That app (as with my own integration of it) has Just Numbers which allows decimal points.  How do I restrict to Integers only please?

Thanks, Sienna

Actually JustNumbers allows only numbers. Check the Sample app.

Ah so it does - it draws it then deletes it and I only saw it draw and must have looked away before it deleted!  :-P  Apologies for the confusion and thanks!!

Please could you tell me how that is achieved though, as I don't have access to the code and can't see an option to download a sample app when I download the component?  Thanks again.

NB: it is not possible for me to edit the patterns OK or NOK the in static entity records as they're all greyed out.

You can change the Static Entity as you wish if you open the RestrictChar module. ;)

Haha, I thought I was in there but it was a test module, must've been tired! :-P :-P

However the regex patterns are not behaving in the way I'd expect.

What have you found? If it's a bug, please let me know and I'll fix it.

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