How to do a matrix scan (multilple barcodes at once)


We currently don't have the license for mobile apps, so I'm creating a web app and then opening it on OutSystems Now. It works fine for 1 barcode scanning.

Now I need to implement the matrixscan possibility, where with one shot, the user scans multiple barcodes.

Does anyone have this experience? Will I need to program from scratch? I have Scandit as a given option.

I can't install mobile apps from Forge, it needs to be web.

Thank you in advance!


Hi Carolina Bessa

You can refer the git Sample for Web of Scandit.

Hope it helps,


Hi Assif.. I tried to install it but my environment doesn't allow mobile apps.
I can't even open it to check - then my license is blocked :(

Would it be possible to convert only the multiple barcode part to a web app? Who can I ask that?

To overcome this license issue I'm developing a web app and opening on OutSystems Now. It works fine but only for single barcode. I need to create a new one for multiple.

Thank you!

Sorry I mixed thoughts - I tried the ScanditP10 that is on Forge.

Will try the GitHub! Thank you