Open Popup when double clicking text input

I'm trying to determine if there is some way to open a popup window when my user double clicks a text input box?   I tried adding OnDblClick to the input extended properties pointing to a hidden button  (like below)  but I can't get the click even to happen.

I'm sure I am doing something wrong, but I can't figure out what.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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First thing I'd try is when you have the screen open in the browser, open the dev tools using F12, and look at the console. Reload the page and see if you're getting any errors. It may be you have a typo in your event registration, or ID, or something else.

If there's an error in the console, post that in a reply, it'll help troubleshoot.

console shows this error.    I have attached a copy of the OML that has the structure I defined.

Entry1.aspx?_ts=636934567327642249:143 Uncaught ReferenceError: test is not defined
    at HTMLTextAreaElement.onclick (Entry1.aspx?_ts=636934567327642249:143)


I got it... I had to change the JS to this:

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Worked like a charm after I set it up properly.  :)


Glad you were able to get it resolved!