[Firebase Cloud Message Plugin] Error while generating build Android

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Published on 2018-08-20 by Experts
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Published on 2018-08-20 by Experts

I am getting an error while generating a build.

Although I added the google-services.zip file

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We needs to change the MABS version to not use 5.0 Beta. (for ex: 4.2) to generate the Android build


But if you are using your personal environment then you'll not be able to see/change your MABS version, for Outsystems forces all the personal environments to use the latest MABS version.

  • MABS 5.0 uses the Android API level 28, so you will be able to continue submitting your Android apps to Google Play, in line with the recent Google announcement.

  • MABS 5.0 uses Cordova Android engine 8.0.0 for Android apps. It is highly recommended that you revise your plugins to be compatible with this version.

  • MABS 5.0 now uses version 28 of Android support libraries.

  • With this release, we have dropped support for Android 4.4.

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Personal Environment Users Stuck With these Now... 

@Experts Can you try to update the Plugin to meet the MABS 5.0 Standards.

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