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Published on 2018-09-21 by Ricardo Silva
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Published on 2018-09-21 by Ricardo Silva


I have my database in Oracle server. I want to migrate all the data from Oracle to OutSystems provided database. I don't want to use integration wizard and connect, since I have to delete the Oracle server post migration. 

I tried with Refactor (OutSystems Forge). The data is not copied to target eSpace. I debugged the code and no error occurred during the process. Can anyone help me with this. Am using OutSystems 11.

Steps followed:

Step 1: Copy & Paste the Entity definitions of the <Source Extension> to the <Target eSpace>

Step 2: In <Target eSpace>, set the entities public and "Expose Read Only=No"

Step 3: Publish the target eSpace

Step 4: In eSpace Refactor.oml, for each converted Entity, add a call to action Entity_Convert inside action OnPublish, with the names of the entity, <Source Extension> and <Target eSpace>

Step 5: Publish Refactor.oml

Step 6: In ServiceCenter, publish the <Target eSpace>


Hi Sumeth,

If I got it right, you want to move your entities between different databases, right? I don't think it's the purpose of this component, as it is supposed to move entities between modules (espaces) in the same database.

You can take a look at Forge and look for a couple options to help you with migrating your data.