[Active Directory] slower answer with AD_GetUserGroups

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Published on 13 Jan by Renato Pauleta
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Published on 13 Jan by Renato Pauleta

Hello guys, how are you? 

we are experiencing some issues with your component, our application get user details and groups from AD to set permissions at login, many times our users report slowness or permission denied and we always look the log and got the same issue, AD_GetUserGroups takes a long time to return data, above 3s or "thread was aborted". Could you guys help us to understand what is happening?

Hi there,

We had a similar issue last year, but with the ActiveDirectory_GetAccountDetails method. We decided to run a simple console application on the same server that does the same requests to AD, and we noticed that the response was coming slow there, too. So it turned out to be about our network configurations, which was requiring extra permission controls.

I would suggest you to do a similar test.

Good day!

Hi @Ozan,

thank you for your reply, I'm doing this right now.