[Advanced Excel] How to use Cell_WriteRange() ?

Hi everyone, i'm trying to use the action "Cell_WriteRange" from the "Advanced Excel" module and i cant make it works.

When i open my exported excel file, the action wrote "False" in each cells of the choosen range

If anyone has any ideas to help me ! 

Hi Lucas

Make sure that you pass in a Record List and not just a normal list for the data parameter.


Hi Lucas, 

The way the method WriteRange is written, it demands that its DataSet parameter be a List of Records of a Structure. That is, it won't work if the record list you use as parameter is defined in a local variable, or even an aggregate result set.

You need to define the Structure in your project and your local variable must be of that structure type.

I've attached an example to this post.


HI João,

Thanks to your example, I found my problem !

It helped me a lot !

Best regards