Web - Check Box with confirmation pop up message


I want to use a pop up confirmation message when the user change the value of  the check box.

Anyone know how i can do this?

I´ve tried to use the widget click action to click a regular link with a confirmation message, when the user changes the check box value but did not work.

Hi Pedro,

Are you on OS11?



no. i am still using OS 10

Hello Pedro,

As a first idea (without much thinking in the subject, I would put a container in front of it with the OnClick calling a Screen Action, that would make a modal to appear (instead of a popup) with the message and the OK/CANCEL buttons.

If the user chose ok, I programmatically change the variable associated with the checkbox and refresh the widget.

Well, just an idea :)


Use this with some adaptations  inside an expression with "escape content property" as "no".

The code bellow will try to find a checkbox with that id "yourcheckboxid" and when clicked, it will open a confirmation message (edit the message below to what you need). 

The first if is in case you press the yes in confirmation message. In case you choose NO i return the check box the the value it was before click. 


    var checked = $("input:checked").length;

    if(confirm('Are you sure you want to discontinue this program?'))


        // what you want to do here. If you need a server action just use the click





        // Return the check for the previous position case you said no in the confirmation

        if(checked = 1)








Where do i got this code from: