Forge Applications

What is the best practice to use and customize an application that is installed from forge? Shall I install the application and customize it as per my needs or create a new application based on the existing installed application?

Hi Eman,

I'd opt for the latter: if you install without cloning, Service Studio will keep reminding you of new versions, which if installed will overwrite your changes.

That said, if you have sensible additions to a Forge component, I'd advise you to contact the authors, perhaps they're willing to incorporate your ideas into the official component.

I agree with Kilian. The key is if you want/need to customize the forge component. For forge components that are actively updated an perform basic operations you can better contact the authors and see if the are willing to incorporate your ideas. But if you need very specific adjustments, you should clone it and realize that you need to do you own maintenance. 

Yes, and when you have great ideas on improving this application...

Join the team, and get involved and make the Forge even better!

Or if the Matthias solution does not work.... publish your solution as a new Forge component


Well, to be honest, we'd rather not see that. We don't want to have a myriad of similar Forge components :).


If someone already made changes to a module from a forge component (without cloning it first), is there any way to remove the link with the forge component? The module contains entities with data in them, so cloning the module now is not an option because then we would loose all the data. And moving the module to another application does not seem to remove the link with the forge component.


Hi Alfio,

The only way is too clone it, and move the data (weird btw, a Forge component that has its own data...).