Under what scenario process will get terminated ?

Are you trying to figure out why this specific process was terminated, or are you asking for a list of all scenarios in which a BPT process could/would be terminated?

No, randomly process are getting terminated and opening other process. Today I have found around 30 process are terminated like this.


I would say either there is an explicit process terminate (System) action being called in your flow somewhere or someone is terminating processes in Service Center.

Have you checked the logs (Error and/or Process) in Service Center to see if there's anything unusual going on there?


No we are not using any where terminate action, if you can see automatic activity is terminated and started new process, see the times as well for me it looks system only terminating the process.


Maybe  you have a "Process End" node with the property Terminate Process set to True?

If this is the case, your process will be terminated once this node is reached.


I have checked in Service center as well, no issues at all. please find the below. if I'm checking wrongly please let me know.


I just checked I have 2 end nodes in process both are selected as NO.

Hello Sravan, 

could it be that you are using a conditional start?


All Conditional Start activities in the process flow end their execution when the process execution ends.


Finally, validate situations in which the main process may be Terminated. In this case, all processes replacing conditional starts have also to be terminated to keep the same behavior of the conditional start. Consider implementing this logic using the ProcessTerminate Action.


The truth is that without access to the code, we are only guessing here. 

Try to find out what happened @ the time processes are terminated, Timers deploys, or something else that can trigger automatic events.