How to index a table using extension (integration studio)

Hi Experts,

How can i create an Index from extension DB, as per checking it is disabled.


Hi Joshua, why would you need to create an index through an extension? Can you elaborate on your use case?


Hi joao, 

Thank you for your reply.

As you can see there is no indexing, i want to crate an index via outsystem.

And also we do not have access on the DB.

Is there a way to create an index?


Entities imported via Integration Studio are outside the control of the platform. If you need indexes on those entities they need ti be created directly on the external database they are coming from.


João Rosado

Hi Joshua, 

If this entity is from an external database, I don't think you can create an index from OutSystems (not sure though). 

If you need an index or a constraint, you will have to ask to who controls the database, probably. 


João was faster... ??


Will do on the DB side and thank you for your input.

Thanks and Best Regards.

Yup, that's true, if it is an external database, you'll do all the changes you need externally, connecting directly to the database. You cannot change the database from within Outsystems tools.