Excel to Record can't handle binary data?

I am still very new to OutSystems, so please bear with me.

I am trying to store an image file in an entity at design time. We are creating a prototype with some "fake" data - showing just what it looks like, but isn't the real thing. These images need to be hidden and shown based on a checkbox value. I felt the easiest would be to store the image in the database, pull it in as part of the list inside a container and show/hide the container based on the checkbox. (I can manage the hide/show part fine)

My problem is getting the image into the database. The only thing that has worked is the kluge to use an upload widget in a screen, upload the files and then delete the screen. The problem is, the image may change several times per visual design requirements.

My colleagues have created an "initialize all of the entities" utility, where they have created some tools to make the "fake data" needed. They use "Record to Excel" and "Excel to Record" to store the data and then bootstrap the excel file on initialization of the real project.

In theory, that would work ... but I run into the problem with "Record to Excel" and "Excel to Record" not allowing Binary Data as a data type.


Thank you for any help/insight. Examples are very helpful!

Hi Shirley, why don't put your files on a folder in the server and use the FileSystem component to iterate that folder and store the files? This way you can freely upload new files to your server and run a Timer to do the import.