It will be an easy solution I am sure so I will close the ticket quickly but I am facing an issue. 

I want to create a report with the module Simple Reports. When I want to display a table, it display it without any borders

So then I tried to apply a border to each cell but it is displaying it as boxes inside another container and it doesn't work well. 

Do you have any idea why the table is displayed like that by default ? 

Thank you for your help and have a great day

Hi Guillaume Lafforgue,

There is a class applied to that table, so you need to redefine the class to specify your custom CSS.

Probably the class was specified at the Theme level, see here how to customize your CSS:



Hi Marco, 

It was what I tried but I could not manage to get what I wanted. Now, it seems to work a bit better when I implement the style TableRecords to my table widget but I still need to indicate a border of 1px to each cell one by one. Because when I try to write in the css of the application something like "border: 0;", it doesn't work. 

I do not understand why ... And I am a bit lost because for me, if I understood well, a property in css apply everywhere until you change the property in a lower level (like in the screen or even in the container)

Hi Guillaume,

There are two properties in a TableRecords that define the classes added per cell for odd and even rows of the table. You can define your class that removes the border and add it to the list of classes of both those properties (can't remember the property names right now, but they make reference to Odd/Even).

Hope this helps!


Hello Guillaume, as Jorge said, there are 2 classes that are applied respectively to an odd or even row, I believe this can solve your issue:

.TableRecords_EvenLine {
    border: 1px solid black;

.TableRecords_OddLine {
    border: 1px solid black ;

Best Regards