How to send xml via REST API request and get the response?

Hi everyone,

Our API have SOAP into REST API, so i have to send xml in via REST API request. 

In my understanding, I have to assign xml to xsi and table record as api server action to view list record but i got no data. Please refer my screeshot.

when i test my request xml, i get the response 

I'm not familiar with api, could you please explain how to solve this problem ?



Hi Peach,

First, SOAP and REST are two different protocols. There's no "SOAP in REST". You can send XML via REST, but the OutSystems REST capability supports JSON only, not XML.

I have no idea why the end point sends such weird JSONified XML, is it an external service you are calling?

The main problem is that it's not (easily) possible to change the Content-Type that's sent along. Perhaps that's why you are receiving JSON?