I am working on functionality in our app (login via externalidentity provider) that requires deep linking to my app.

I am looking for documentation on how to implement this in myOutSystems mobile app. 

The only documentation I could find so far is the following:


 This documentation concerns OutSystems 10, but I want to implement this on OutSystems 11 using Universal links.

So is there also documentation available for implementation ofdeep links for OS 11 or does anyone know the steps I should follow to implement this in an iOS and Android app? 

And I also need to know what I need to setup serverside, for the case that the app is not installed on the device and the user needs to be redirected to the app store.


Thanks in advance!


Hi Merel Vergouwen,

Did you found any issue implementing for P11 how is described for P10?

If the app is not installed just use a deferred deep link to redirect to play store.


For universal links specifically, it may be possible to take one of the cordova plugins that implement such functionality and fork it for OutSystems. One that used to be very popular was https://github.com/nordnet/cordova-universal-links-plugin which now appears to be archived/unsupported. That being said, it is possible that it could be tweaked for use.

if you have a budget, it may also be prudent to go with something a little more industry standard like onelink: https://www.appsflyer.com/product/one-link-deep-linking/. This is a pretty common practice, but I have never implemented it myself before.