How do I create a popup when I click the button?

Hello, I am new to OutSystems and I am developing the final course project on your platform.

Someone can give me some notions on how to create a popup from when I click the "Join the event" button a confirmation message appears: "Are you sure you want to join?" with two options: "Cancel" or "Join".

The "join" option allows the user to join the event you have confirmed.

What I need? 


Go to your top right corner search and type in popup editor, drag popup editor icon next to your button or link ( the one you click on to go the pop up). Name your button or link, use that name in the LinkOrButtonWidgetId property and you should be set


Hi Carolina Martins,

Take a look at this documentation. And also take some time to do this course, it will help you understanding the OutSystems platform, its capabilities and perhaps give you more ideias to your project.



Many Thanks House Targaryen and Samuel M helped a lot.