Consumed Rest API giving 400 error in my Rest API Call.

Hi, I am doing a Rest API Call which will need to take an input a file as a parameter. It is showing 400 error when it is running. Please help us to solve the issues of 400 error 

Some questions:

  • What version of the OutSystems platform and Service Studio are you using?
  • Where are you seeing the error? In the integrations log in Service Center? If 
    • If so, is there any additional detail in the error message?
  • Is the REST API you are calling public, and if so, can you share the endpoint URL?

400 error is a "bad request" which may mean that something is malformed about the request. Could be you aren't sending the file correctly. The API might require a specific content-type header to be sent.

Without more information about the API you are trying to call, it's very difficult to help troubleshoot.


Thank you for your Reply.  I solve the Rest API issues. There was a problem with the passing parameter. It is now working fine.