Error "Username and Password not accepted" when send email

Hi All,

I use "send email" widget in tool box to send email from my person environment but it can't send email.

I go to servicecenter to check and see this error message "Error sending email 2: 535-5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at 535 5.7.8 j12sm1633120qtq.59 - gsmtp". I sure that my gmail and password that I config in administration/email_configure is correct but It said "Username and Password not accepted". That is strange.

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Hi Huy,

That is not strange.
The mail server (Gmail) says your username/password was NOT ACCEPTED. This is different from saying that it is WRONG.

I have been using Gmail to send mail from different environments for quite some time and don't have problems. In fact, I just set up one yesterday.

So, please, follow the advice in the page from the support, as if you have double authentication, for example, simply providing username/password will not be enough. See especially pass 2 if you are certain that your credentials are correct.



Hi Eduardo Jauch,

I have already send email successfully.

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I am still facing this error kindly help me in this issue 

Here is the configuration if SMTP.

Hi Malai,

You wake up an old discusión from more than a year ago.

It would be better to start a new discussion and include link to the old post. That way if in your case someone replies  with a solution, then you can mark it as such. 

I assume you don't have the same problem as the one described in the old post, as then the solution should also apply to your problem.