sorting grouped columns with static and dynamic sorting at same time


it seems it is not possible to sort out at SAME TIME a dynamic and static sorting with grouped columns. 

I have grouped some columns as there were so mnay columns. Now I need to set by default TWO grouped columns as sorted DESC. and then enabling sorting dynamically for all columns in the table records. 

I have tried to use dynamic sorting with the two columns by default ovthere. It does not work! 

I have used the {User}.[Name] in the ListSort_Column widget  for all columns in the table records, I have not used the names I gave to the new grouped columns. 

In the aggregate in the sorting I have used: 

List_SortColumn_GetOrderBy(LocationTable.Id,DefaultOrder:"{Table1}.[Name], {Table1}.[Date]"

the columns to be sorted by default (static) are Name and Date that belongs to the entity Table1 (fictious name). Then I need to sort out dynamically all the columns. This approach has not worked. How to achieve it? 

hey Jorge,

Can you share a MVO (minimum viable OML) with the issue that you describe? I'm having a bit of hard time understanding your issue because, IIRC, only group'd by and computed attributes will be the output of the aggregate when you use GROUP BY - you should not have access to the remaining columns.

Providing the MVO would help me understanding the issue and forward it to the product team - if required. Anyway, if anyone has faced a similar issue, they may weight in here.


Hello Jorge, 

The List Sort Column widget does not allow 'easily' to sort multiple columns at the same time. The reason is that it stores in a session variable what is the column to sort in the table where it is placed. So, every time you click in a column, the value in the session variable is replaced. Later, when you use the GetOrderBy action to get the column, it will return only that column. 

If you want to be able to have more than one column sorted at the same time, like sorted by Name Ascending and Age descending, you'll have to implement your own logic to do so.