Import data and maintain ids

I have a pre-existing database with multiple tables and foreign keys between them.

How do we go about importing data from this external database into Outsystems, and maintain all of the ids?  If I export into Excel and try to bootstrap I can’t get away from the automatic id generated by Outsystems. 

I know I can connect to an external database, but I was wondering if there’s a way to import the data so that you don’t need to rely on another sql server. I tried modifying my bootstrap logic to use custom sql with an indentity_insert statement, but I get a permission error. 

Has anyone out there done something like this?  It seems like it would be a pretty common scenario. 



Hello i dont knwo full well your circustances but i will give you my sugestion.

Change your entities "is autonumber " to no. Run your excels and make sure all of them have id's.

After that import of data change the is autonumber to yes again.


I tried that but I get an error saying that the column exists as a Long Integer (bigint) but the new version is defined as Long Integer (Autonumber). Database bigint columns can not be changed to Autonumber