[Full Screen Ajax Wait] time taken for the loader to pop

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Published on 2018-07-19 by Pedro Coelho
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Published on 2018-07-19 by Pedro Coelho

Hi Dev team,

I just deploy this module into the website I am developing and it looks great! Thanks for that brilliant work first.

The reason of me using this loader is to prevent the user to take a new action before the current action being completed. However, seemingly the loader doesn't pop, or doesn't pop straightaway. Therefore the enduser, with their super-speed fingers, is still do what I wanted to prevent. 

The loader seems to pop after around 1 second. How can I shorten this down to 0.

Hello Stephen

The component is based on OutSystems own features for displaying the Loading message while an AJAX is occurring

Even though it's not an immediate event (there's some communication between the server to actually start the AJAX request successfully and the browser to have that confirmation) I've not been able to get to those 1 second times

Nevertheless, you could trigger the display of the #divWait element directly from the onclick of the button

Best regards,