shortcut keys in web application

Hi ,

Is it possible to implement  accelerator key/hot keys  in the Web application . 

Hello Jaya,

In theory, yes.
There is a VERY old component in forge hat helps with that, but I don't know if you will be able to open it, even more use it (It's from 2012).

You probably can achieve this with JavaScript.
If you search for "web app shortcuts" in the search engine of your preference, you will find lots of hits. 


You may try using the accesskey attribute (in OutSystems, create the accesskey as an extended property). However, browser support is very poor, and the key combinations to access these hotkeys differs widely by browser.

A better approach for keyboard accessibility is to craft the TAB key to walk through all your fields/buttons in the appropriate order. That can be done with the help of tabindex:

For wider use (different browsers) I still recommend Javascript, as the support is better :D