Changing the Default button at runtime.

Hello, currently I have 1 button set as the default button, and 5 others that are not. I would like to change the color of the "last pressed" button or so to speak, or change the default button sometime, but the field Is Default is only a YES or NO field rather than a boolean variable I can use.

Is there a way to do that?

Hello Vinicius

Do you just need to change the colour of the buttons or do you need to change the colour and the 'IsDefault' property?

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Hi Vinicius,

One option to change Default button in runtime is using a Local Variable to store the Id of the desired Default Button and configure a Hidden Button with the IsDefault=True.

For this hidden button, you can implement an action to call the action WidgetClick and pass the Id you stored in you Local Variable.

To change color you just need to add the class Is_Default to your button in the css style.

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Ok will try! Thank you all.