Web-based accounting systems?

Does anyone in the OutSystems community know of any web-based financial accounting systems for which OutSystems connectors have been developed?  I know of the Quickbooks and Fortnit connectors?  Are there any others?  Have any others been developed that are not in the Forge?

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Hi Dave,

Are you looking for any system in particular?

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The customer had selected a financial accounting system, we developed a connector for it.  Now the customer is reconsidering that financial accounting system and is asking for options that already have OutSystems connectors.

So in answer to your question, it's the other way around.  They know they do not like Quickbooks.  They want to know if there are any other alternatives for which connectors exist.  If there ARE alternatives, that would limit the universe of alternatives they should consider to those for which connectors exist.

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Ok. It's possible that in the Forge you don't find too many connectors.

Sometimes the people develop connectors to customers and they don't share in Forge.

But from a quick search, I found InvoiceXpress, Xero