[Search and Autocomplete] Mobile behavior

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Published on 24 Mar by leonardo.fernandes
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Published on 24 Mar by leonardo.fernandes


Is anyone experiencing troubles in selecting a value from the search list in mobile devices?


Maria, this is a web component. Have you considered using Search & Autocomplete Mobile specifically for mobile? 

Hi Maria. Can you provide more details? What is happening when you try to select the value in mobile?

If you could provide a sample OML file reproducing the issue, that would help a lot.


Hi Leonardo!

What a great component you made! Very well documented, therefore very easy to implement, clean code. And of course, amazing output! Congratulations!!!

I might be experiencing the same issue Maria had, so I will detail a bit: when using the Web version on a mobile phone (I use Safari), I have 2 issues:

1. If I close the keyboard after inserting the search text, the results disappear (please check behavior on your demo site https://leonardofernandes.outsystemscloud.com/searchhelp). The reason to close the keyboard is to have screen space available to see the results

2. I'm forced to double tap on the text input (Search) to be able to insert a value (more specifically, to have the keyboard opened). This is not happening in your demo site, only in my web application.

The same web page works like a charm in the PC (Google Chrome). Any idea?

Regards, Olivier