Modify linker flags, build settings and proguard

I'm working with a company to implement a third party platform into Outsystems.

I understand that I can build a cordova plugin, which is great but the platform has very specific needs on both test and published builds.

for iOS we need to adjust the "other linker flags" include -ObjC and -all_load we also need to modify the "Generate Test Coverage File" and "Instructments Program Flow" build settings.

For Android, we need to add additional libraries to proguard.

Is this something which is possible in Outsystems and how would I go about doing it?


Hi @James Mahy, 

OutSystems platform doesn't provide a way to set those build settings directly from the platform itself, however, you can do it by the means of a plugin by modifying the pbxproj directly from a custom cordova hook.

As for proguard rules, the generated APK isn't obfuscated by proguard nor is possible to generate an APK that is obfuscated from MABS.


João Gonçalves

Hi João,

have you got an example of modifying the pbxproj via a cordova hook?

is there no way to enable proguard? this is one of the requirements of the library (it's used in banking)


Hello James,

Do you get any way to add the Other Linker Flags in the build?

I am facing the same issue "Undefined symbols for architecture arm64".
I need to set the '$(inherited)' to generate the iOS build.



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