[ImageToolbox] Temp files in %temp% are not getting cleared.

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Published on 2 Sep by Caio Santana Magalhães
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Published on 2 Sep by Caio Santana Magalhães

Hello team,

I'm using Image toolbox component to scale down images(to create thumbnails) but the files in %temp% folder are not getting cleared after conversion. Is there any way to clear temp files that are created while conversion.


Hi Kiran, 

Is this an On Premises installation? 

You can configure windows to automatically clear the temporary folder when it needs space, or setup the windows scheduler to clean up it at regular intervals. 

If this is a cloud environment you should discuss this with the support (open a ticket). 

Are you running into problems? 



Hi Eduardo Jauchmvp_badgemvp_labe,

Sorry for late reply.

Yes its on Premises installation? 

We can configure windows to automatically clear the temporary folder. But I thought the component have to take care of this. I mean to say that it will great if this component will clear the files which are created during operation.

Thank you

Agreed. I just used Image Toolbox for converting 2000 images of over 1MB each and my System Data went over its limit.

I am guessing that's due to the garbage left in the temp folder by Imagemagick.

Hi Caio and Kiran,

In theory, it would be possible for the component to delete the file after returning it.

in general, this is not a concern, as, in the cloud (including Personals, I think), the system will clear up from the temporary folder any file with more than 30 days.

In OnPremises environment this cleanup process must be set by the IT team, as this is done using the system tools, not the platform.

My recommendation is for you to change the application and submit to the developers as a suggestion of a change in the component.


Not sure if the file system space counts for this space consumption, as this is the information relative to the Database.

Please, check through the DBCleaner or DBCleaner On Steroids the size of your database tables. This is most probably due to a recent upgrade from Personals (I think previously it was not calculating correctly the size of the database). 

The same thing happened to me and was basically because of old espace versions.