[Firebase] Unable to generate Native app with Firebase

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Published on 2019-10-02 by Labs
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Published on 2019-10-02 by Labs

Hi Team

i am using firebase plugin Component.but at the time of Native app genetaion i am getting below error.

for that purpose i already discussed with outsystems support Team.but they mentioned it is fully Firebase component related problem.if i remove Firebase Component then it is generating the Native app.

also i am getting below error

below things are done

First you create a zip with this two files: google-services.json and GoogleService-Info.plis;

Name: google-services.zip

Deploy action: deploy to target directory

Target directory: concatenation of firebase. and your app identifier.


Can you try to change the  MABS version, to generate the build


If you are using your personal environment then you'll not be able to see/change your MABS version, for Outsystems forces all the personal environments to use the latest MABS version.

  • MABS 5.0 uses the Android API level 28, so you will be able to continue submitting your Android apps to Google Play, in line with the recent Google announcement.

  • MABS 5.0 uses Cordova Android engine 8.0.0 for Android apps. It is highly recommended that you revise your plugins to be compatible with this version.

  • MABS 5.0 now uses version 28 of Android support libraries.

  • With this release, we have dropped support for Android 4.4.

Ref Link :



Try to change the MABS & generate the build, If it works then do report to the Owner of the plugin that it doesn't support on latest MABS.


Perhaps you can try this plugin which is also a good approach for Firebase & supports latest MABS 5.0 for Outsystems:

Firebase Mobile & Web Middleware


Check out the Firebase Mobile Sample application available here.

Check documentation:

Hope it helps,