I am filtering attribute called as Name which is a combo box, in the database names are storing in the integer format but in the table and combo values are displaying in the text format.


in the database       in the table

Name                     Name:

1                              abc

2                              Xyz

3                             John

can anyone suggest me how can I filter combo values?

Hi Ronan,

Is this only a display issue in your screen? Are you perhaps mixing these two combobox properties together?

Hi Ronan,

Can you explain better your problem? Like what you already have done and the results of that. And in the other hand what you want to accomplish.



if in your database the attribute name is linked to an integer "1" and in your combobox you have "abc" as text type, you need an extra id or code attribute to identify the name "abc" as "1" and then in your query that populates your combo box you need to filter in WHERE clause by:

= NullIdentifier() or comboboxsourceidentifierattribute.id=table.id

Thanks and Best Regards,

Nuno Pereira