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Published on 4 Dec (6 days ago) by OutSystems R&D
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Published on 4 Dec (6 days ago) by OutSystems R&D

Hey guys,

When using the export function it seems to be exporting my URL, instead of the title which is being displayed (I'm using title to display a nice dynamic textual value instead of the url).

Any idea's in how I can achieve getting the display value only instead of the full url when using an export?

I got this working myself, but I had to create a clone of the component in order to add a bit of code in the export excel function.

Using the formatitem event on the xlsx save class.


I have updated the exportExcelFromContextMenu function to:

exportExcelFromContextMenu: function(gridId) {
        // create book with current view
        var flexGrid = GridOS.ComponentUtils.getGridObjectById(gridId).grid;
        var book = wijmo.grid.xlsx.FlexGridXlsxConverter.save(flexGrid, {
            includeColumnHeaders: true,
            formatItem: function(args) {
                var cellVal = args.xlsxCell;
                    cellVal.value = $(args.cell).children('a').first().text();
        book.sheets[0].name = 'export';
        // save the book

This will allow links to be exported using the display value (you can set title to be used as a display value).

I have not done the csv version yet... there's not a formatItem function I could use there I'm afraid.

Perhaps Outsystems R&D can include this in the original component?


Hey Joey!

We'll definitely have a look at this and implement it.

Thank you so much for all the help with this and all of your answers and solutions on the other threads :)