[SimpleQRCode] Implement this function in Web app
Forge component by Miguel Meireles
Published on 08 Aug 2019

I'm building a web app where I would like to generate on the fly a QR code out of a data field.

How could I use this code in my Web App?

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Hello Wilton,

Have you tried, installing the extension in your environment. 

The extension has a method GenerateQRCode, that takes text as input and returns a png (binary data). 

There is also a Try Now on the component page to test the usage. What is the issue you are facing. 


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I have downloaded it but then it is opening the Integration Studio. Does that mean that this is not a low code module?

I'm new to the Outsystems environment and am able to generate a Mobile app and also a Web app but have never worked with the integration studio.

I want to include the function in the web app to show a QR code on a product detail screen where a product identifier is on the fly shown in QRcode. Is that possible via low coding?

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Hi Wilton,

Some of the applications that you'll find on the Forge are created using Integration Studio, and built in C#. They will open in Integration Studio, but this is only necessary if you intend to edit them to add or change their functionality.

If you've installed an extension in your environment, you should be able to see it in the Dependencies list in your applications. You can acess this list by clicking on the electric plug icon in the menu:

Opening this list, you'll see every application installed in your environment. You can then search for the extension that you downloaded, and reference the actions that you wish to use in your low-code application.