REST Consume not working in a case


im consuming a simple rest with the following URI 


if im executing it thought browser / postman it works, but under OS im getting the following error, when im executing the web page which calls this REST to show records - 

"404 No such object: invoke%2fgcsILRestServicesCatalog%253A_select"

BTW, in the consume rest OS window when i hit Test for getting the response object, it works.

any idea what im missing?


That URL (invoke%2fgcsILRestServicesCatalog%253A_select) is double-encoded. It should have been invoke/gcsILRestServicesCatalog%3A_select.

You can try placing a breakpoint before invoking the REST service, and see if the URL is not encoded already (it shouldn't be). You can also add an OnBeforeRequest callback and lace a breakpoint in there. Hopefully this will reveal more detail about when is the double-encoding of the URL path happening.