I am trying to customize my chart such that a new tooltip appears and replaces the default "chart" popup that appears when you hover your mouse over any location in the chart. I edited the tooltip value in the "tooltip" section of the chart in our interface, however the label "chart" will not go away. Below is a photo of the issue 

See how the chart label still pops up even though i have a new tooltip defined. I believe this is not necessarily a tooltip that is appearing but am not sure what else to describe it as. I am familiar with editing the Highcharts JSON but no documentation is pointing me to what this label is called. The chart is not named "chart" so i dont believe it is a title label. Please advise!


Aaron Lynn

Hi Aaron,

That does look the "title" HTML property. Have you inspected the HTML to make sure the title property isn't set in the Chart object, or perhaps its container?