How to get value from a json array

Hello, I have an API that returns a json, but when I access the value that is an array, the return is empty. How do I change this?

  I can get the values of the field id, name and multiples, however, the field "value" as it is an array, it's return is empty.

I need some help to get the return of this field.

          "id": 144,
          "name": "Programador Responsável",
          "multiple": true,
          "value": [


Hi Gabriel,

are you consuming a JSON?, if this is the case yo can get the value throught a structure, filtering the json list. Please give me more context on how you are getting the JSON and I can help you.

Hope this helps.

Hello as Omar said are you outsystems json deserialize to convert the jason to a record list?

are you passing a structure similar to the structure you use to serialize the json?