Someone can help me to find a name of a foreign key ?

I have more than 124 entities logically deleted in my personal environment and the DBCleaner can not erase them showing, for instance, this kind of message

09:35 (just now)Could not drop object 'SP8EPA037.DBO.OSUSR_K1P_SLA24' because it is referenced by a FOREIGN KEY constraint.

To drop any foreign key (FK) I need at least its name. The entity name is already in the error message. I searched for the FK name in the Entity_attr entity and I only found some weird values for type in some referenced ids... see some sample below. Someone have any idea where I could find the FK names ?


i would suggest you to recreate that foreign key update all data  to null that value and then delete

Hi Carlos,

   what do you mean as recreate ? Do you know know a way to bring them back ?  As I told they were logically deleted by OS.  I don't have more access to the entities and espaces. DBCleaner works with OS metadata.

when they are logicaly deleted it means they stay in database but not visible for os.

If you recreate an atribute exacty with the same name, it will return the element that was deleted previously with all the data in that atribute

Unfortunatelly it did not work. 

I restored the old espace and I published it.  Some data really was there and I changed all delete rules to ignore in all entities. I deleted the application and I went to the DBCleaner.  It was possible to see the new version added as deleted in the list of database entities and I could delete the recently deleted entities, however, when I try to delete the old ones, I got error messages like that below

08:33 (just now)Could not drop object 'SP8EPA037.DBO.OSUSR_K1P_SLA24' because it is referenced by a FOREIGN KEY constraint.

and I have a bunch of them, for instance

It is strange since you change delete rule it should be working.

Can you please recreate the field again and update that field in all recorsd with value null? and then try to use dbcleaner.

Hi Carlos,

    your email was in my spam box.

I will try again