Data modelling circular dependency

Hi can anyone explain me what is the circular dependency in data modelling and how we can get rid of that.

Second question what are the primary best practices while creating the data modelling.


An example of a circular dependency in your data model would be to have a table with a mandatory foreign key to another table with a mandatory foreign key to the first table, meaning that it makes it very complicated to insert records in either of them - you should avoid these.

Data modelling is a huge topic in itself, but stick with a consistent naming scheme, try to describe all Entities and their attributes and remember these:

you will not have circular dependencies if you put both entities in the same _CS.

Circular Dependencies occurs when Module A consumes part or Module B while Module B consumes part of Module A. To fix this you should check if A and B are strongly link together. If No, then just move the part being consumes to the proper module. If Yes, you should get all the parts that are strongly link together and but them on a new Module e.g Module AB then link the A and B to that module.

You can also try and use web services to fix circular dependencies but be aware of the pros and cons of using it.