Login to web application with company credentials?


I was wondering how to validate login to a Web application I am making for my company. I want to be able to sign in into the App with my company email/password (which is also synced to Office 365)?

I have tried using the 'Authentication' and 'ActiveDirectory_ValidateLogin' Server action but it doesn't seem to work.

Can I do this without downloading a Forge component? Also, if I did download a Forge component to help with this, would it be more difficult for all the other people in my company to use?

Sorry if these are obvious questions, I'm pretty new to the low-code community.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Aaron,

Office 365 authentication (Azure AD) is not available in default Outsystems platform solution. You will need to download and use a forge component (which is free), for example:


You will have to follow instructions on how to configure the forge component.

For your endusers the forge components does not add complexity.



Hi Daniel,

Ok, thank you so much! I'll try that out.



I think I've nearly done it...I've managed to get the login button to redirect to the Mircrosoft login page via Microsoft Login Connector. However there's one small bit that I can't seem to make work...While registering the App in Azure Portal, one of the steps is:

"Add to Reply URLs the link of the callback from Microsoft Login Connector      E.g. https://YourEnvironment/MicrosoftLoginConnector/Callback.aspx"

When I put my personal environment in place of 'YourEnvironment' then it takes me to a Microsoft Login Connector screen. However when I put the company development environment there (which is just an IP) then it says "This site can't be reached. The connection was reset"

If I take away the 's' from 'https' then it takes me to the correct screen with the company environment but says 'not secure' next to the URL. 

Any ideas what is wrong here?