have a dynamic column i want to have be sort able by the user.

I have a column that i have built as responsible party = table.title + table.first_name + table.middle_name + table.last_name.  I am displaying this in a ajax table and have the ability for the users to search on several fields including the responsible party field.  They can sort by any one of the fields using the "RichWidgets\ListSortColumn" but i am not able to make this work for responsible party any help or other tools would be a great help


Hi Stephen,

Can you attach a screenshot on how did you implement it?




Hello Stephen,

If you created a "calculated column" in the aggregate you used as the source for the Table Records, then it is just a matter of using the name you gave to the column in the aggregate. For example, if you gave the name "Responsible", instead of the traditional format "{table name}.[field name]" in the ListSortColumn, just use the name you chose: Responsible.

If you are using an expression in Table Records to present the information, I suggest you change the approach, creating the calculate column as explained above.



thank you so much Eduardo that worked perfectly :)