Kubernetes and Outsystems and Microfocus COBOL .net adaptation

Dear persons concerned.  I have 2 questions.

1. Kubernetes and Outsystems. I learned that Outsystems 11 now can manage Docker container. Kubernetes preparation needs a lot of efforts in manual preparation. On the other hand the publich clouds provide managed kubernetes services are available.  Then it migtht be easier to manage kubernetes for Outsystems. Is this understanding correct ?  As you know, Kubernetes is growing very fast with a lot of additional functions. It is very attractive if Outsystems can integrate Kubernetes as RUN platform.    2. Outsystems supports .net. then  Microfocus COBOL which is .net compliant. can supported by OUTsystems ?   Thank you and best regards, 

For #1(Kubernetes), you may find the following articles useful:




For #2 (MicroFocus COBOL), what is the use-case you are wanting to support? If you want to use COBOL .NET logic that is packaged as a .NET DLL, that may be possible, assuming it's a normal DLL.

It would be helpful to have more information on what you need to do with your MicroFocus COBOL code, however, to provide an accurate answer.